Ibstock’s I-Range introduced to help Architects and Specifiers create beautiful buildings

Ibstock, the largest brick manufacturer in the UK, has created its I-Range to showcase an extensive collection of different product types and how they can be used to create a variety of aesthetic styles.  The I-Range has been designed to help Architects and Specifiers select the right brick for the style of building they are looking to achieve.

Comprising of more than 100 bricks, over 20 of which are new products being launched to the market, the I-range includes a wide range of brick types, colours, textures and sizes from wirecuts and stocks, to waterstrucks and genuine handmade bricks to long format options and the widest range of glazed bricks available in the UK providing an almost infinite array of design possibilities from traditional to ultra-modern.

“Brick is the most widely used façade material in the UK.  It is a very popular choice with Architects due to its versatility, longevity and excellent technical performance.  But with thousands of options to choose from, picking the right brick for your project can be quite a daunting task.  It’s also an incredibly important decision as, along with the design, it will have the biggest impact on the external aesthetics of the building,” said Richard Brown, Marketing Director for Ibstock’s clay division.  “We have developed our I-Range to help make the decision making process easier by presenting a collection of popular brick colours and styles in an easy to navigate way so Architects and Specifiers can quickly narrow their choices down based on the particular aesthetics they are looking for.

To help Architects and Specifiers visualise how the bricks may look in their project, the I-Range is linked to Ibstock’s innovative online product selector, which enables users to instantly see their chosen bricks in a variety of different building styles.

With over 20 new bricks being launched as part of the I-Range, this represents the largest introduction of new products from Ibstock for some time.  Jeremy Simons, Product Manager for Ibstock Clay Division commented, “New product development is at the heart of our growth plans and we are committed to the continuous enhancement of our product portfolio to strengthen our market leading position.  The new bricks we are launching as part of our I-Range is further evidence of that commitment.  They offer some really exciting new design options for our customers and we are looking forward to seeing them in some beautiful buildings in the months ahead”.

To find out more about the new I-Range, visit: https://www.ibstockbrick.co.uk/i-range/