Ibstock plc on course to achieve sustainability targets by 2020

Ibstock brick are on course to achieve sustainability targetsBuilding Sustainability

Ibstock plc’s 2017 Sustainability Report – published last month – reports it is well on course to achieve ‘significant sustainability improvements by 2020’.

Recognising the importance of being a sustainable business, Ibstock plc, the leading manufacturer of clay bricks and concrete building products, takes a multidimensional approach to sustainability. This encompasses four pillars of development; economic, social, natural resources and environmental aspects.

Key figures from Ibstock plc’s 2017 report include:

  • Action on emissions: Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions of 0.18 tonnes of CO2 e/tonnes production (for Scope 1 & 2)
  • Action on water: Over 50% water requirements now come from non-mains water supply
  • Action on waste: 0.002 tonnes of waste to landfill (per tonne of production). The Group has an aspirational target for Waste Management to work towards achieving the Carbon Trust certificate for Zero Waste to Landfill in the UK.
  • Action on people: 35 apprentices – with more than 9,000 training days given to employees to deliver a comprehensive development programme.
  • Health and safety: a 10% fall in Lost Time Accidents (LTAs).

The company also records other positive impacts in its commitment to the environment including planting over 15,000 trees at its Leicestershire site; and maintenance and care of 43 miles of hedgerows and 580 acres of woodland.

Joe Hudson, Chief Executive of Ibstock plc, comments: “At the heart of our sustainability strategy is a people-focused approach, which sits alongside our investment in more resource-efficient methods of manufacture – which of course has been embodied by our new, flagship brick factory. As the world seeks new solutions to today’s social and environmental challenges, we find ourselves working towards a promising future. For us, this is a future where our own impact on the world is not only minimised, it is positive.”

Michael McGowan, Quality, Environmental and Energy Manager at Ibstock Brick, says: “Many of our current sustainability targets are geared towards achieving significant improvements by 2020 – and at present we are very much on course to achieve them. With the support of a committed team and the communities around us, we have the firmest foundation for the most sustainable of futures.”

Download a copy of the report here.