Ibstock Brick welcomes ‘record-breaking’ RIBA Stirling prize winner

Ibstock brick welcomes stirling prize winnerGoldsmith Street winning the RIBA Stirling prize for Architecture

Earlier this week (08th October), an eco-friendly housing development in Norwich made history when it was named the first ever council-funded project to win the prestigious RIBA Stirling prize for Architecture.

The Goldsmith Street estate is comprised of more than 100 ultra-low energy brick-built homes which have been designed to meet rigorous ‘Passivhaus’ environmental standards. The development, which was dubbed a ‘modest masterpiece’ by RIBA Stirling prize judges, is remarkable not only for its sustainability credentials but also for being a primarily brick-based project.

Ben Gerry, Director of Sales – Specification, Innovation and Ibstock-Kevington, commented:

“The success of Goldsmith Street in this year’s RIBA Stirling prize should be a cause for celebration right across the brick manufacturing industry. Brick remains the building material of choice for the significant majority of architects and developers nationwide, and it’s fantastic to see the material used in such a striking, innovative fashion.

“We would like to extend our congratulations to Norwich City Council, who funded the project and also to Mikhail Riches with Cathy Hawley, the design firm behind the record-breaking development. The success of Goldsmith Street once again showcases the vital role brick will play in building the homes of tomorrow.”

You can read more about the project on The Guardian website.