Arches are a traditional feature of brickwork over openings and can vary from the simple flat arch detail to the highly decorative. We can supply a solution to meet the requirements of your project, ranging from a traditionally built arch to a large scale precast arch or drive-through. Browse through our Arch Selector.

Non Structural

Loose Arches

Loose arch sets were the traditional method of arch supply and construction. They made up the majority of all arches which were supplied up until recent years and are still preferred by some heritage bodies and contractors with “traditionally skilled” bricklayers.
They are supplied as individual units and are available in any length. They can be delivered quickly due to the simple nature of their manufacture. Although loose arches can be self supporting, they should be used in conjunction with steel lintels in most situations. Full fair faced soffit.

Hyperlite Arch

All the benefits of the Litearch but lighter still. Constructed using a high tech backing material this system also incorporates 20mm brick arch slips which are bonded to the face to finish. Pointed on the ground and used in conjunction with a standard steel cavity lintel. The Hyperlite arch can be produced in one piece to a maximum 2000 mm span and can be sectionalised to any length. Soffit size 20 – 30 mm maximum.

Ibstock kevington Hyperlite arch


Structural Concrete Backed

A fully structural one piece arch system which omits the need for steel lintels. 25mm brickslips are epoxy resin bonded to the concrete backing units or alternatively a concrete backing is cast onto the rear face of the brick arch slips forming a natural mechanical key. Both systems are produced with stainless steel bearing plates for simple installation.

A fully fair faced soffit can be achieved upon request as illustrated. Available to lengths of approx 4000mm.

Ibstock structural concrete backed arch system

Stainless Steelback

Fully structural, and with all the advantages of the Concrete Backed system, the Stainless Steelback has the added benefit of less weight and increased span capabilities. Available with 102mm fair faced soffit (upon request). Maximum length: approx 4000mm.Note. The inner skin blockwork would require independent support.

Ibstock stainless steelback concrete backed arch system

Stainless Steelback Cavity

The premier, do it all arch in the Ibstock Kevington range, the Stainless Steel cavity arch provides the support for the inner and outer skins. It includes the unique Lintray system which guides any cavity moisture away from the face. These lintels are insulated to British Standard. Commonly used for fine Flat gauged arch construction with pre-pointed joints. Available with 102mm fair faced soffit (upon request). Maximum length: approx 4000mm.

Ibstock kevington stainless steelback cavity arch system

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