The Lambeth Palace Library scooped up the title Supreme Winner. The beautiful façade of Swanage Bespoke Blend brick with Ashdown Blue Grey Headers is a sight to behold, and honours the history of one of the oldest libraries in the country.

At Ibstock, we believe that every building tells a story. Nowhere is that better evidenced than in London, one of the most architecturally significant cities in the world. We are incredibly proud to have been involved with some truly stand-out projects in the Capital, with our products being featured in a range of developments throughout the city. We invite you to join us as we tell the story of our role in shaping London’s architect.

Comprising more than 100 bricks in a wide range of colours, styles and textures, the I-Range encapsulates Ibstock’s sector-leading product offering for architects and specifiers.

New to the NEXUS family, an innovative mechanically fixed suspended brickwork soffit and lintel solution. Lightweight, designed and prefabricated to fit any size or shape soffit, NEXUS XI  can accommodate any brick type and bond pattern. It has secured an ‘A’ fire safety rating from the BBA, so can be specified and installed on residential buildings over 18 metres with confidence.



NEXUS provides the perfect blend of design flexibility, aesthetic appeal, ease of installation and fire safety with solutions for all building heights.


MechSlip is a genuine brick innovation allows architects and specifiers to use real brick slips with the inspired efficiency and versatility of a mechanically fixed cladding system.

Our Swanage Factory has over 150 years of producing handmade bricks, including Specials and Bespoke, which help to create buildings with personality and integrity.

A new lightweight stainless steel based system developed by Ibstock Kevington and brick support specialist Ancon, which combines a specially developed Ibstock Kevington lightweight brick-faced steel unit with Ancon’s tried and tested MDC stainless steel bracket angle support system.

Bricks have been an important part of our lives for thousands of years. From Roman amphitheatres to modern day schools, shops and homes, every brick tells a story. But how are bricks made? Our new video is a simple glimpse into what it takes to turn clay into the beautiful buildings that up make Britain’s distinctive architecture.