Thornhill Park & Ride, Oxford

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To provide a robust and vandal proof, covered and part enclosed, interchange and waiting facility for members of the public travelling by bus to the city centre or local airport.


The building has been designed to give an open quality, with an octagonal central drum lending visual solidity to the canopy wings. Reconstituted stone is employed to the base of the building and external seating, providing a simple, robust, vandal proof solution. The octagonal waiting room has been clad in Blue glazed bricks, giving the structure presence within its context, and providing an easily cleanable surface. The crisp external angles have been created using cut and bonded special shapes. Royston Golden Buff bricks to the WC and store area, match the stone of the base, stone copings to the parapet wall of the security office and solar shading, to provide a dramatic contrast, visually framing the bold blue glaze of the main brick structure.