Streatham Space Project, London

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Ibstock Brick’s innovative Linear range has taken centre stage at a brand new centre for theatre, comedy and performance in London. The Linear brickwork has been used to eye-catching effect at the Streatham Space Project.

The brain-child of nine locally-based creative and theatre professionals, and a hub of excitement, energy and passion, the Project’s leadership team, working in partnership with MDR Architects, wanted the building to be reflective of these core values. The structure also had to be built with flexibility firmly in mind; alongside a performance space, the building had to encompass communal seating areas, a café, bar, dressing rooms and office.

Jason Robinson, Southern Specification Manager at Ibstock Brick, takes up the story:

It was a real pleasure to be involved with the Streatham Space Project, one of the most unique developments we’ve supplied to.



The building, on a single level enclosing a total floor area of 500 square metres, including a 140 square metre theatre box, was set apart from the residential accommodation above. With most of the accommodation tucked beneath the residential building and the auditorium sitting outside of the ‘footprint’, the architects leading the project suggested that the theatre
box should contrast with the red brick ‘residential’ aesthetic of the main development. From this grew the idea of a ‘box within a box’, with gold shingle cladding seemingly wrapped in brickwork.

The brickwork itself was comprised of Ibstock’s Linear bricks; chosen because their smooth, textured finish afforded the architects the flexibility to crate a distinct exterior. This enabled them to accentuate the linearity of the exterior to create a dramatic effect – fitting for a theatre!

Ibstock’s Linear Riven Black makes up the majority of the façade, with Linear Orange and Cream Smooth interspersed throughout to create a truly unique building which exudes creativity and inspiration.

The Linear range is totally unique to Ibstock. Elegant, colourful and longer than a standard house brick, the Linear collection is the perfect choice for developments which need an individual look, but which must be cost effective too.

The Project was completed at the end of 2018, and has since gone on to become a central hub of the Streatham Hill community, enabling residents to leave their houses and come together to enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind theatre experience.