St Benedict’s High School Extension, Bury St Edmunds

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Following reorganisation of the school structure, to create additional pupil accommodation on a compact corner site, that would provide good visual and physical connetion to the adjacent main building.


The solution was a simple two-storey stand-alone block that provided a modern take on the existing school design, maximised the achievable height, and sat comfortably alongside the original school buildings. Consistent with the predominant buff brick exterior and deep windows of the original buildings, the new annex is characterised by the use of Ibstock Linear Riven Cream brickwork. Laid with matching buff mortar, the lightly textured linear bricks provide a tough, robust and cost-effective finish that adds weight and permanence to the front elevation, and provides a dramatic frame for the triple glazed deep reveal windows. The new annex has been recognised as providing excellent value for money and a good model for other local authorities in the area.