Orchard Park, Cambridge

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To create artworks that would bring an identity to, and become an aid to orientation within, Orchard Park. The estate is built on land with a rich horticultural history, through connections with local companies, including a well know seed supplier.


Three areas within the estate were re-landscaped, to include the creation of new seating, paved areas and planting schemes, designed to act as a catalyst for community cohesion. To provide focal points for the scheme, a number of new seating elements were created, each designed to emulate a different seed form, in order to connect with the original land use. Glazed bricks, in curved and rounded format and a range of earth colours, were used in an eye-catching stack bonded design to execute the artworks, which were placed centrally within the open garden spaces. Larger in scale and more accommodating than conventional park benches, the seats provide a low-maintenance, more durable alternative, with their attractive curved lines stimulating community interaction.