Nando’s Restaurant, Hove

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To recreate the movement and organic natural forms of the 2000 tonnes of timber, washed up on Hove beaches in 2008, following the sinking of the Ice Prince.


The decision was taken to work with unfinished character oak externally, which would weather naturally over time, paired with a black brick reminiscent of the pebbles strewn across the coastline.

The choice of brick was critical to the successful achievement of the design and after much research, STAC decided on Ibstock’s 290x102x50mm Linear Black Impression. The ‘eroded’ appearance of the face, with an irregular pattern of depressions across the surface, created a unique look that matched the architect’s vision.

A gradual transition via an undulating wave form, from edge-stacked hardwood timber to solid brick at the right hand corner, required the manufacture of bespoke corner bricks with both a front and edge ‘eroded face’ to carry the design around the corner.

Internally the ‘pebble’ finish was continued with stack-bonded Black Impression bricks framing eating areas, alongside feature walls of shadow-forming Ibstock Copper Glazed Umbra Sawtooth bricks. These laid alternately with oak bricks specially manufactured with a ‘negative Sawtooth’ indented design, created an exaggerated zig-zag appearance as a backdrop to the restaurant.

Elsewhere throughout the building, STAC experimented with different combinations of Umbra Sawtooth and Black Impression bricks, alongside thousands of bespoke oak bricks, to create various features – not only underlining the exciting nature of the project but the unique and versatile nature of brick in both internal and external applications.