Garden Wall, Penheale, Cornwall

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To rebuild and restore a fragile and unstable 90 metres x 3-metre high wall forming the boundary of formal gardens. The wall comprised two sections, a lower two metre high dry stone section which formed a retaining structure for the garden and an upper one metre brick section.


With significant sections of the wall in imminent danger of collapse, the decision was taken to remove and reconstruct the upper brickwork section and repair and stabilisation the lower section using wedges and new stone where necessary. The upper section was rebuilt using a mix of existing reclaimed bricks and Ibstock Swanage Handmade Restoration Red bricks, chosen to match the colour, coarse texture and handmade appearance of the original brick. The section was rebuilt on a 1½ brick footprint to match original dimensions, with a header, stretcher and half-brick bonding combination to replicate the original design and tie the structure together.  The structure was topped using bricks specially cut by Ibstock Kevington and laid as two angled soldier courses, finished with a single header course to closely replicate the original aesthetic.