Foleshill Library extension, Coventry

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To provide an extension to the existing library building that would reflect the vibrant and multicultural nature of the surrounding community, for whom the library provides an essential and much used facility.


The architects developed a design that reflected the vibrancy of the community, with multi-coloured glazed bricks vertically stack-bonded to represent books, as well as the multicultural nature of the local community. The bricks were utilised for the entire curved back wall which is radiussed from the pointed end of the triangle. Bed joint reinforcement was used to provide structural integrity for the stack bonding. Whilst laid in an apparently random manner, the bricks follow a unique style that emulates the Morse code – one brick representing a dot and three bricks of the same colour, side by side, representing a dash. The message thus created, reinforced the library’s prime contribution to the community, repeating five times across the rear wall the words, ‘Supposing’, ‘I wonder’ and ‘What if’.