Charleston Square, Paisley

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To create, within tight financial constraints, a sustainable, low carbon community of 53 mixed social dwellings on a site of historical significance to Paisley’s weaving heritage.


The architects have created a community of contemporary houses, townhouses and a courtyard around a central square providing a safe and welcoming environment with easy access to public and private spaces. The scheme adopts a ‘fabric first’ approach with a highly insulated and airtight external fabric, supplemented by heat recovery and photovoltaic panels.  The external appearance is simple but decorative, with traditional gables and exterior brick cladding, chosen for its cost, longevity and sustainability credentials. Ibstock’s Tyrone Drumquin brick was selected, as the bold rustic brick with a rich blend of browns and greys retained visual interest whilst reducing the complexity of the design and reflecting the historic industrial context. To the main street elevations, panels with projecting headers create a distinctive textured appearance to contrast the otherwise simple, clean design.